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It starts with you

A 4 week transformational journey

Self-Development and Transformation Course

A 4-week transformational course for anyone seeking to develop a deeper understanding of who they are, what they want in life and who want to connect to their true authentic self.

‘It Starts With You’ is a 4 week transformational group programme, which introduces key tools, skills and concepts to support you to look deeper, reflect on yourself, and to start to create the life you want, and connect with your authentic self.


The course is delivered over 4 weeks, with weekly 60 minute zoom calls, an interactive WhatsApp group, related support materials, activities, discussion and group sharing.


We believe that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, and we are here to support you to transform your mindset, connect with yourself on a deeper level and make positive sustainable change in your life. Being part of a group allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and provide accountability for any positive changes you want to make.


It really does start with you!

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Claire Grigson

Claire Grigson is an intuitive life coach with a heart centred approach and is passionate about supporting others to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. She will support you to transform your mindset and relationship with yourself, so that you can feel truly fulfilled in all areas of your life.

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Laura Riley

Laura Riley is a highly intuitive, energy centred coach who empowers you to move forwards in all areas of your life. She will enable you to transform your mindset and push out of your comfort zone to make sustainable positive changes.

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“Focus on yourself.

You are your greatest investment

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